Old Business

Well, I just heard a radio spot for the Lost premiere tonight, and my statement (in my last blog) as to what the most important question to ask regarding the multiple mysteries of the island and its inhabitants was right on the money. The focus of the radio piece was a man (Ben’s voice, I think…) asking Jack, “Jack,WHY were you brought to the island?” If that question is answered, pretty much everything else will fall into place.

Artist’s interpretation of me Dancing the Jig.

New Business

The island, what is it?

I realized recently, that nearly every program on the Discovery Channel can be applied to Lost in some way, and/or contribute to a theory. Example! I was watching SciFi Science, hosted by the very awesome Dr. Michio Kaku, and he was explaining something called Inflation theory.

Inflation theory allows for a unique take on the concept of parallel universes. At its most basic, it states that the universe is constantly expanding outward from the central Big Bang that created everything in the known universe. This theory allows for additional Baby Big Bangs as well. When the conditions are correct and a sufficient amount of energy is spent, a new additional big bang can occur, just smaller, and its doesn’t eradicate us from existence.

Near Geneva the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has built The Large Hadron Collider, which is the largest particle accelerator the world has ever seen.

It’s a pretty big machine

Some are worried that this device could produce baby big bang-like events that could potentially swallow up our planet. Others believe that the tiny big bangs will create new universes that could/ would blink into existence and just as quickly would fall out of phase with our ‘reality’ and become a parallel space, or another dimension, much like the places we used to watch on the Twilight Zone.   These new parallel universes/ realities would follow the same fundamental laws of our dimension, but but who is to say they would stay that way? Who is to say that people wouldn’t become telepathic or super strong or super smart, or harness time travel?  Hmmmmm?

As this new baby universe buds off from our own, a bridge would be formed, much like a bubble being stretched to form two bubbles. For a brief moment during this new universe’s creation, travel between the two worlds would be possible. To travel back and forth at a later date would require very exact specific conditions, similar to the conditions under which the Oceanic Six needed to create to get back to the Island.  Hmmmm?

According to Dr. Michio Kaku, with enough heat, and we are talking heat as hot as the big bang itself, it would be possible to open (or re-open) a door to this alternate universe. The door would form by literally melting the universe at a precise point.

In comic books, The Justice League of America, made up of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, etc. are well aware of the existence of parallel universes, and given their abilities, find the trip to one of these alternate world much easier than we ever could. In order to keep their Multi-verse straight, the JLA refer to their dimension as Earth-1. On Earth-2 the people of Earth live in fear of an evil version of the JLA, that rule with an iron fist. That world’s only hero is Lex Luthor. Crazy, right?

What if the island is in one of these alternate spaces/ parallel worlds? What if this energy that is contained in the island is a fundamental force of the universe, and it created this other subspace that it exists in? So, everytime it flares up, say like when Desmond has too much to drink and decides not to press a certain button, it creates a bridge back to its parent universe (where we live) and for a brief moment the two are linked.

From the island, the bearing to leave as told to Michael was  325. What if that is simply the bearing to cross the bridge back to our reality.  Is that the bearing that can get you out of the Twilight Zone?

Cheers ! Enjoy the Final Season Premiere!