The Premiere of Lost the Final Season was nothing short of mind bending.

“You will watch LOST as I bend your MIND!”

Story is the backbone to Lost, but the characters are its soul. Without the awesomely despair-ridden deceitful castaways that we have come to love, this show would have sunk deep into the Pacific Ocean at the end of season 3.


Let’s take a few minutes to look at the nature of the two storylines in this episode. The first storyline depicts Jack back on Flight 815 in 2004. Is seems identical to the pilot episode, except Jack’s face seems to reflect a little more mileage, and he might have one or two additional grey hairs. Suddenly, the flight hits turbulence, but that is all, and they arrive on time. Jug-head worked! Jack successfully hit Apple-Z (I’m a Mac) on the universe! Or did he? He seems a little out of sorts. Deja-Vu Jack? Feel like you’ve done this before?

But wait. The universe is split in two. When Jug-head exploded, a new time-line skewed off from our own creating a place in which Flight 815 never crashed. Now, lucky Hurley completed his Australian trip, Boone left his sister in Australia, Kate is being extradited for patricide, and Sawyer is offering good-natured advice to a stranger. Wait. What? Sawyer offers good advice to a stranger? How out of Character, considering this is the shyster Sawyer from 2004 who has not known Freckles or Juliet yet. Is it possible that the universe needs a better Sawyer, a nobler Sawyer, and is course correcting? Charlie seems oddly aware of his need to perish for the sake of reality.

Simultaneously (?), and in 2007, back in the Old Lost Universe, the castaways find themselves still trapped on the island, at night, in their bloodied Dharma jumpsuits.

I’d like to make a suggestion. In order to differentiate between the two storylines, I will refer to the Original Lost Universe that we have followed for 5 seasons as Lost Universe Prime. The new Lost timeline where 815 made it to L.A. intact will be known as Lost Universe 2.

Lost Prime – Jack and Company are injured, bloodied, and some are dying. They are afraid and angry. Their leader Jack has failed them. They were ready to die for the sake of their futures, their pasts, and their hopes and dreams. Instead, all they got was a ringing in their ears, and the same island. Dissent immediately ensues. Sides are chosen. A wiser Sawyer than we’ve seen before realizes that the greatest punishment for Jack is to live with everything that he has done. Sawyer can see Jack for what he is, a lost boy who desperately needed to impress his unimpressible daddy.

Lost Prime still exists quite simply because it needs to. It is said that ‘Nature abhors a vacuum,’ so how could your eradicate an entire timeline? According to Jack’s plan, as he co-opted it from Daniel Faraday, lives, loves, wars, scientific advancement, birthdays, accidents, deaths, every choice a person ever made from 1977 to 2004, all of these would cease to exist, and would be replaced by a better (?) world in which they arrived in L.A. unscathed. Jack’s gamble with the bomb worked, and it saved flight 815 thirty years from when it was detonated, but it did not save the actual castaways that were present at ground zero in 1977. They did not cease to exist. How could they cease to exist? They were there. They blew the bomb up. If Lost Prime were eliminated along with the Lost Prime castaways, then WHO blew up Jug-head? To eliminate that Timeline could unhinge the entire universe. The universe needs them to be on the island in 1977 to detonate Jug-head. In this way, the universe, in order to ensure its continued existence, course corrected itself by creating a tangent timeline.

Course correction

The universe did see the mistake in that the castaways were not in their proper timeline, and used the energy of the Jug-head explosion to re-insert them into their proper place in time. According Dr. Michio Kaku, an awesome theoretical physicist, the universe can be literally melted if the right amount of heat is used, then at that point the actual laws of physics change. Things beyond our imagination can be realized, like time travel, wormholes, and other dimensions can be reached. Jug-head exploding along with the destruction of the energy pocket would probably qualify for enough energy. I buy it.

Tangent Timelines

Doc Brown explains in Back to the Future Part 2 the concept of tangent timelines rather eloquently:

Doc Brown Explains it all


Obviously the time continuum has been disrupted creating this new temporally venced sequence resulting in this alternative reality.


English, Doc!


Here, here, here, let me illustrate.

Doc finds blackboard and stands it up. He picks up some chalk.


Imagine that this line represents time…..

Doc draws a line on the blackboard.


…Here’s the present, 1985 (He writes “1985” on the board), the future (he writes “F”), and the past (he writes “Past”). Prior to this point in time… (He points to 1985) …somewhere in the past, the timeline skewed into this tangent, creating an alternate 1985.

Doc draws the tangent on the board and writes “1985-A” on it.


Alternate to you, me and Einstein. But reality for everyone else.

Doc goes to the DeLorean and gets a bag out.


Recognize this? It’s the bag the sports book came in. I know, because the receipt is still inside. I found them in the time machine, along with this!

Doc shows Marty what he found. It’s the top of 2015 Biff’s cane!


It’s the top of Biff’s cane, I mean old Biff from the future!


Correct! It was in the time machine because Biff was in the time machine – with the sports almanac!


Holy shit!


Jack. Poor Jack. Jack is so broken. When the plane initially crashed, the people on the beach said “Oh! Jack is a Doctor. Let’s do what he says.” Jack didn’t ask to lead them, but he stepped up. Like a good leader he followed through, only faltering once or twice, and as a result a lot of people died. Jack is a Doctor that lacks confidence when he needs it. He is husband that lacked the ability to give his wife love when she needed it. He is a pill popping alcoholic suicide waiting to happen. In the season finale, I was rather terrified that Jack wasn’t really following the plan Faraday laid out for him, but was attempting a large scale group suicide. I thought he might have given up and decided it was time to just end it for everyone involved. He thought they were too far gone and needed Jack Kevorkian rather than Jack Sheppard. Jack is a broken man in both Lost Prime and Lost 2. In both universes he has major regrets. In Lost Prime, he regrets his treatment of his Dad, his Wife, his career, himself. He wants more. He wants to be the best, but doesn’t know how, and doesn’t know how to be with people, and just be happy. He’ll never be satisfied. As a non-believer on the island, he refused to accept Locke’s faith in Jacob, fate, and destiny. In L.A. as an Oceanic Six survivor, he embraced faith and destiny while throwing the scientific method out the window. In Lost Universe 2, he has the same regrets and shortcomings, but less people have died.  He is a broken man, with a broken soul, broken relationships, and look at what he’s done now. Look Jack. You’ve broken the universe. Thanks a lot Jack.

Mirror Jack

Jack Prime and Jack 2

Here is an interesting train of thought.

-The Incident was never clearly defined in earlier seasons. What was the Incident?

-I suggest that the incident was always the skewing of our reality into another universe in 1977.

-The hatch in Lost Prime contained a computer that needed a sequence to be entered every 108 minutes. If that were not accomplished, the energy under the hatch would flare up opening the doorway to Lost 2.

-Desmond got too drunk one day and chose not to enter the sequence. That pulled Flight 815 through the doorway to the island from Lost 2.

-When the hatch was destroyed, the control of the doorway was lost. Now the bridge between Lost Prime and Lost 2 is swinging wide open, you just have to find the door to use it. That was the 325 and 308 bearings to get off the island.

-Jack, Kate Sawyer, et al. travel back in time. They Blow up Jug-head.

-They create an alternate reality.

-“The Incident” was known to the Dharma Initiative. They know it is the creation of the alternate universe. The Incident was the creation of Lost Universe 2.

You broke the universe Jack. Happy now? Your daddy still won't love you.