Great episode.  Many reveals, and some new questions, which is all I want from TV.

The following is a simple series of guesses.

1.In production design, nothing is ever by accident when you are building a temple on a sound stage.  Further, if a light is pointed directly at something, you can bet it is worth looking at.

Kate is looking awful penitent ... Does she feel bad for what she's done?

What is that strange wall carving?  Five men on each side of one man in front.  It doesn’t look very Egyptian to me.  Look more medieval knights of the round table type stuff.  Perhaps its Knights Templar or maybe the twelve apostles…  But there are eleven?  Maybe they left Judas out?  Dunno.  Moving on, but I bet it’ll end up being something.

A closer look

2. What did Kate do? Kate stopped in the mechanic’s bathroom to reflect on what she did to poor pregnant Claire only after peeking in the stolen bag to see the toys, wipes, baby clothes. At that moment, Kate reveals a real emotional desire to fix what she’s just done. She is way past ashamed and wayyyyyy out of character for ‘2004 Kate.’ ‘2004 Kate’ runs from her problems. She blows up houses, gets her childhood friends shot because she is selfish, and worst of all afraid. Instead, she decides to fix her problem rather than run from it.

Why would she do this? Because this is a ‘new and improved’ Kate that has assimilated all of the experiences of the Lost PRIME Kate (AKA the Kate that we have grown to know and love from the past 5 seasons of Lost) right up to the end of the series, which we haven’t even seen yet. Somewhere deep in her soul she has loved, fought, and stood her ground for what she believes in on the island, and she knows and loves Claire and Aaron. She risked her life to help them. On the Island, she learned to face her problems head-on.

According to the law of evolution, when faced with a massive environmental change, to survive we must leave, adapt, or die. Those are the only choices. In this case, the universe has been over-written with a new time-line, and somehow Kate senses this. How massive of a change is that? In order to survive, Kate chose to change. That is “What Kate does. She evolves.

As a brief side note, Kate’s brief recognition of Jack was a major tell.  This is not just Déjà vu.  She glared off from the taxi, and Jack, as always, was driven to help her no matter the cost.  They have a deep connection that time/ space/ rebooting will not break completely.

Do I know you from someplace?


3. Sayid.  I just don’t know.  Rousseau’s people ‘got sick’ in the same way.  I think that the black dust blown across his chest is the same material used to keep the MIB trapped in the cabin.  I’m with it, but I don’t get it yet.  I like not getting it.  There have to be surprises left in the world, right?

Could you have eight-year old Benjamin Linus bring me a chicken sandwich?

4. Yay!  Ethan is Back, and he is pretty much re-enacting the check-up scenes from season 2 episode 15, “Family Leave,” in which he took Claire to DHARMA Initiative station The Staff, and was the nice and attentive Dr. Ethan Goodspeed.  His quick reveal of having so much knowledge about Claire’s baby,  tells me multiple things:

a. Dharma is still active, just not on the island (obviously)

b. Dharma still recognizes the importance of Claire’s baby in this world.


c. Ethan might also have memories from the original Lost PRIME season, although fewer than everyone else, as he died pretty early on.

d. Ethan is as creepy as ever!

5. Claire, according to the Psychic Richard Malkin, needed to raise Aaron herself, until suddenly he changed his mind.  He called her and arranged for Claire to bring the baby to Los Angeles to live with a ‘good family.’  This good family is hitting a rough patch though.  The fella left his wife high and dry.  The wife claims she can’t raise the baby on her own and apologizes for the inconvenience.  Could this be a  course correction in the new Lost SIDEWAYS universe?  Claire needs to keep that baby for the sake of everyone…  for some reason.

6.  Last item.  Sound design is important for any movie or TV show.  What is with that sound when we hear during the transitions from Lost PRIME to Lost SIDEWAYS?  It is a sort of high pitched squeal with a rattle.  Hmmm.  Sort of like the depressurizing of a plane as it goes down really fast?  Maybe.  Another possibility emerges from my other passion, comics.

The Flash of Two Worlds

In comic books, the Flash, AKA the Fastest Man Alive, is able to move from one dimension to another by vibrating his entire body at very specific rates.  Each dimension coexists simultaneously with an infinite amount of Earths existing at different vibrational Planes (I’m talking Classic Pre-Crisis DC, so comic lovers please keep your attacks at bay) So, in the Flash comics, there is an Earth1, an Earth2, an Earth where Batman was a vampire, and Earth where Superman is a communist, you get the gist.  The Flash could vibrate at a rate where he frees himself from his dimension and tunes into another ‘place.’  How does this apply to Lost?  I suggest that the sound we hear is the vibrational audible wall between Lost Prime and Lost Sideways… As the show transitions from Lost PRIME to Lost SIDEWAYS, we the audience get to hear to transition to the different dimensional plane.

Hope that makes sense.

Hope you enjoyed the episode.  Thanks for checking my rambling out.