“The Incident opened a door, and Desmond closed it every 108 minutes” – reassessed after “What Kate Does” 2-10-10

(First – to differentiate properly, I’ll refer to the two universes as Lost PRIME, which is where the story has taken place for the past 5 seasons, and Lost SIDEWAYS, as the executive producers have labeled the new continuity)

  • In Lost PRIME The Incident was never clearly defined. What was the Incident? According to “Dr. Marvin Candle”, a.k.a. Dr. Pierre Chang, in the Swan Orientation film, the Incident was an electromagnetic anomaly that caused a catastrophic event at The Swan construction site. Not very descriptive, right? Could they have been hiding something? Of course they were!
  • I suggest that The Incident was always the splitting of the Lost PRIME universe into the Lost SIDEWAYS universe in 1977.

What happened happened.

You cannot change the past.

It only ends once, and anything that happens before that is just progress.

  • We’ve heard all of these things before, and it was always the truth. The Dharma Initiative and the Others/ Ben and Richard’s people in Lost PRIME knew about the Incident.  Further, they were tasked with protecting the island and the entire Lost PRIME universe by avoiding any further schisms.  The thing they did not know though, was WHO they were protecting it from.  They were supposed to be protecting it from Jack and the other 815ers.
  • After the Incident, the Swan Station was built to regulate the ‘pocket of energy.’  The hatch/ Swan Station in Lost Prime contained a computer that needed a sequence to be entered every 108 minutes. If that were not accomplished, the energy under the hatch would flare. The numerical sequence IS the cosmic lock combination to a doorway between Lost Prime and Lost Sideways.
  • Every 108 minutes, Lost SIDEWAYS attempted to encroach on our reality and take the place of Lost Prime. This Can Never Happen. If it does, then the castaways will never travel back in time to detonate Jug-head, so Lost Sideways can be created, so Flight 815 can land safely in La X. The discrepancies/ paradoxes would destroy the universe. Both universes need to continue to exist for the sake of each other.  If Lost Prime ceases to Exist, Lost SIDEWAYS will never be created, and the universe in its entirety would cease to exist.
  • By entering the sequence, Desmond effectively closed the cosmic door between Lost PRIME and Lost SIDEWAYS, and buying Lost PRIME 108 more minutes to live. He was really saving the world by pressing that button (Which ironically was labeled ‘execute’)
  • “Why were the numbers broadcast? Or why were they stamped on the side of the hatch?”… Why would they (The Others or Dharma) do that? Because it is the most important combination in the entire Lost PRIME universe. Without it, the entire universe will cease to exist. You wouldn’t want to lose that combination, would you? You’d write it down and tell everyone, just in case you couldn’t get to the button in time.  Why wouldn’t Dharma or the indigenous people set up shop at the Swan to be sure the numbers are entered?  Because, the dedication needed to continually enter the numbers requires a special kind of person with a ‘never say die attitude.’  They would need a man that is (in his own mind at least) a hero, like Kelvin, along with a man like Stuart Radzinsky, who probably accepted this never-ending chore as a penance for his part in causing “The Incident.”  Then Desmond came along, and it was necessary to come up with a more elaborate story to keep him in the station.
  • Hurley’s friend, Leonard Simms, at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute in L.A. taught Hurley the cosmic combo, but Hurley calls them ‘the numbers’. During his incarceration, it was all Leonard could say. The numbers drove him insane. While in the Navy he heard the transmission from the island and the knowledge must have allowed him to travel or peer into the Lost SIDEWAYS world. Maybe he saw himself living a very different life. Maybe he was a millionaire, or a bank robber or a movie star. Whatever he saw, it broke his grasp on reality.  He never fully returned.
  • One day, Desmond accidentally murdered his hatchmate Kelvin after discovering that most of what Kelvin told him was a lie (or half-truths) and failed to enter the sequence in time. Failing to push the button caused a massive energy flare which pulled Flight 815 of the Lost PRIME universe out of the sky, AND was beginning to pull the entire Lost Prime universe in on itself, or collapse in on itself like a black hole.  Black holes are one of the strongest forms of gravity in the known universe, and could/ would easily pull 815 from the air along with everything else.  Once Lost PRIME in its entirety was gone, Lost SIDEWAYS would simply take its place.  After all, nature abhors a vacuum.
  • Daniel Faraday’s radiation research to cause mind transferal to the past was not moving the mind to the past. It was allowing the subject’s mind to shift from Lost PRIME to its counterpart on Lost SIDEWAYS. Theresa Spencer, Daniel’s girlfriend and assistant at Oxford, was a test subject after Daniel had tested his theories on the rat Eloise and himself.  Theresa experienced a side-effect that caused her to become unstuck in time/ and or space.  This raises a question?  Daniel claimed that he used the machine on himself?  How did he maintain a hold on his present?  Who was his constant?  Did he travel to the future and meet someone that could be his constant?  Did he travel to Lost Sideways?  I suggest that we have not seen the last of Daniel Faraday.  He knew what was going to happen.  He knew his mom was going to shoot him.  He knew Charlotte was going to die.  Why?  Because he told himself.  He had a journal that he needed to keep referring to.  Why would you have to refer to a journal as often as he did, if he were the person that wrote it?  He did write it.  It was written by an older and (if this is possible) even wiser Daniel Faraday.  Also, I would gladly bet five dollars, that on one page of that journal it says, “Daniel, if you want to save everyone on the island, you’re going to have to die.”  Daniel used his machine to traverse time and space, wrote it all down, and gave it to his younger self so he could save the universe.
  • A few people asked how Desmond’s ‘Time Travel’ would work in my theory as well. Desmond’s consciousness shift was SIMILAR to Farday’s research.  He is able to slip back and forth along his personal timeline.  He is (most likely) unique in this universe and is more adaptable to ’shifts’, and might be capable of travel back and forth to Lost Sideways without use of the doorway created by the Incident. Desmond and Penny’s storyline is one of my favorites. I hope they make it out alive by the end.
  • The Island is the tether between Lost PRIME and Lost SIDEWAYS.  (New Crazy Thought) The membrane wall between ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ is thinner on the island.  Cripples can walk, addled minds become clear, and miracles occur because of this malleability of possibilities.  It is as if people can take on the qualities of their Alternate selves.
  • On November 27, 2004, John Locke and Desmond, convinced that the button sequence was a psychological test, chose to not press the button. As the station started to violently warp from the electromagnetic energy, Desmond realized his error and changed his mind. The computer itself was already destroyed, along with the countdown clock. Desmond entered a crawlspace to initiate the fail-safe procedure, which was the simple turning of a key. The Swan imploded upon activation of this fail-safe.
  • The fail-safe was the permanent (?) closing of the doorway between Lost PRIME and Lost SIDEWAYS, so neither could overwrite the other in the universe. Both universes were safe, but they no longer have access to the energy.
  • How does this theory work with the underlying theme of good and evil?  My response is simply that Good and Evil will always be in conflict. It is their nature to clash. One attacks, the other defends. This is merely a different battleground, with a different prize. And what better prize than a doorway between worlds?
  • For now The Universe is safe, except Jack in Lost SIDEWAYS seems a little too aware of Lost PRIME. He’ll do something to make the universe rip at the seams of reality. That is what Jack does. He breaks things. He broke his relationship with his dad, his marriage, himself with pills, and finally he broke the universe. Thanks Jack! Actually, clearly they are not safe.

The Island is underwater in Lost SIDEWAYS? The Island, I think, was able to jump back and forth between the two worlds. What about the Island underwater? Lets think this through. How can our current Island be the one that is underwater? I’ve got it (at least in my head I’ve got it)! Not sure If you’ll like this, but It works with the way that the wonderful writers of Lost like to screw with our senses of time and continuity.

There are two storylines that run through this season:

Lost PRIME – The castaways are on the Island in 2007, fighting for their lives against MIB, the Others, Flocke, Each Other, etc. When Charlie Widmore & Co. inevitably comes a knockin’, they will be faced with making the difficult decision to ‘move the island’ again. The Island will shift To Lost SIDEWAYS, and find itself unstable(?). Something will go wrong with the shift leading to the island sinking, where the secrets, MIB, the energy, and the statue foot will be revealed to be the one and only island no matter which universe you are in.

Just then!…. In Lost SIDEWAYS,

The Lost SIDEWAYS Flight 815 will fly overhead, and that storyline will play out from where we saw it begin in the La X episode.

Basically what I am saying, is that to watch this season chronologically, you would watch the entire storyline on the island from beginning to end, then the story line in L.A. in the Lost Sideways universe from the premiere to the finale.  Then it will all make sense.  Its pretty brilliant if the writers are doing that, because it will get us all to watch the entire thing again.  Which I’d do anyway….

I'd rather be a time traveler