I know, Iknow…  I haven’t been here that much…  I’m sorry.  I hurt my back.  I could barely move for a while.  It was rough.  But guess what?  I’m back!

I have some thoughts not so much on the “Happily Ever After” episode, but on the concept of “Happily Ever After” itself in relation to Lost.

Then a Top Ten Eleven List.

And we’ll wrap things up with what I did last night in the form of a  video.  Hope you enjoy.

Happily Ever After is a classic concept in storytelling.  The phrase immediately makes you think of fairy tales, Snow White, Prince Valiant, love conquering evil, and the man getting the girl, or the girl getting the guy.

Unfortunately, happily ever after (HEA) is not forever.  In most cases it happens when the couple are relatively young, and have their lives ahead of them.  Lying ahead are bills, mortgages, sleepless nights wondering about that iffy investment opportunity that you passed on, diseases, accidents, forces of nature, etc.  You need to overcome the rest of your life together, and come out the other side (death) and be happy with all you’ve done and lived for.  That is HEA, and unfortunately, that it too late.   You don’t get to enjoy it, because, well, you’re dead.  It makes me wonder if it should be called “Happily for a little while.”   I’m not a pessimist.  I realize this is coming off extremely anti-romance and negative.  I have my HEA already, and look forward to the rest of my life.  Lost just makes me think this way.  In Lost any HEA is tenuous and so fragile and the universe can just shatter it at any moment.

One of my top ten Lost moments was in the finale of Season 4, “There’s no Place like Home.”  When Desmond and Penny are reunited I really thought they would live HEA.  I hoped it was true.  However, they instead had a Happily for a little While…  Instead of bills and mortgages to worry about, they needed to hide and constantly run from the nefarious Charles Widmore.

When I think of true love in pop culture, immediately my mind wanders to The Princess Bride, and “He distinctly said ‘to blave.’ And, as we all know, ‘to blave’ means ‘to bluff.’ So you’re probably playing cards, and he cheated”  Movies and TV have a tough time making us believe that two people on screen are really in love.  To do this we need a combination of elements to occur, which are as difficult to pull together as real true love.  We need:

  • Two characters.  They need to be damaged somehow.  An addiction or a dangerous lifestyle is always good for a love story.  They need to seem to be an unlikely pair.  One comes from the wrong side of the tracks, while the other has a silver spoon jammed up their…. Sorry.  Vulgar.
  • Conflict. There needs to be opposition to their love.  Something needs to stand in their way.  Whether it is a psychotic ex-boyfriend, an interstellar war, or a magic Island.
  • Serendipitous occurrences.  The hand of fate needs to swoop in and tease the audience.  The unlikely lovers need to pass each other on opposite sides of the street, AND NOT SEE EACH OTHER.  One person should ride the down elevator, while the other takes the up.  We, as an audience, should want to scream “Turn around!  She is right behind you!!!!”
  • Need.  They have to actually need each other.  They provide something to each other that they just can’t live without.  They are a fraction without the other.  Like a boat without an anchor, or a man anchored to his sanity by a phone call that will be made on Christmas day in five years.
  • A villain. The villain is not the conflict.  The conflict is usually an issue, like the feuding families of Romeo and Juliet, or the fact that one of the two has been stranded on a desert island…  The villain is the person that willfully stands in the way of love.  He is the …Prince Humperdink or the fat kid from Better Off Dead.

    Ricky Smith - Romance Super Villain

    These elements make for a love that an audience can hope, cheer and weep for.   This is what makes Wesley and Buttercup’s kiss the best kiss in the world, and what makes Desmond and Penny’s reuniting in “There’s No Place Like Home” one of my top ten moments.

    Stream of consciousness List of top ten ELEVEN Lost Moments in no particular order.

    1. (3rd Mention in this blog sorry…) Desmond and Penny reuniting – S4E13
    2. Charlie’s “Not Penny’s Boat” moment in the Looking Glass station.  That broke my heart.  I totally wanted him to beat fate instead of embrace it. S3E22
    3. Bernard and Rose seeing each other for the first time since the crash.  S2E8
    4. Sayid torturing Sawyer with bamboo shoved under his nails.  That was sick. S1E8
    5. Hurley writes the Empire Strikes back for George Lucas S5 E13
    6. Desmond making the phonecall to penny 8 years after his promise on Christmas Eve. S4E5
    7. Daniel Faraday landing on the island, giving us his best Luke Skywalker, and declaring “I’m Daniel Faraday and I’m here to rescue you.” S4E2
    8. Ben having Breakfast like a Bond Villain on the Beach with Kate. S3E1
    9. Richard trying to kill himself in the Black Rock, only to inspire recent converted Jack to step up and reveal how much faith he has in Jacob’s designs. S6E7
    10. Ben telling John outside the green house before turning the wheel, “How many times do I have to tell you John?  I always have a plan.” S4E2
    11. “Play Your Own Kind Of Music”  The first minute of the premiere of season 2 changed the setting, the game, the rules, and made us realize there is a LOT that we do not know. S2E1

    I went to The Flaming Lips show last night in Montclair NJ, and it was insane good fun.  I made this video of the first minute of the show.