So, some person in a Honolulu restaurant went garbage picking when he saw the word “Lost” written on a folded up piece of paper left at another table.  A call sheet, for those of you that don’t know, is handed out the prior day to shooting on a film set.  basically, it is a roll call of who and what will be needed on the set the next day, Actors, Make-up, Hair, Camera dept., props needed, etc and what time they are to report to work.  In addition it details what scenes in the script will be filmed, and generally a brief summary of the events of the scene to avoid any confusion.  It would be a shame if costuming showed up with Dharma Jumpsuits when they actually needed Widmore’s powersuit, right?

“With great power comes great responsibility.”  Right, Spiderman?

Lost has been a show about science and faith, and how these polar extremes co-exist and contribute to an overall destiny.  Maybe this guy in the restaurant was meant to find this holy grail-like paper, mass produced at a Honolulu Kinkos, and sell it to Gawker.com  for a measly sum (probably $30…)  And maybe he was meant to spoil things for people that have watched TV for years enjoying how the story unfolded.  And maybe he is siting at a Honolulu bar right now while ABC security, dressed in mouse-suits, wearing red overalls are scouring all of the Hawaiian Islands for him.  Me?  I just think he’s a jerk.  He might as well go tell a group of kids in a hospital that there is no Santa.  ( I know it’s not that bad…  We’re all adults, and can choose to read or not read whatever we want, but damnnnnnnnnnn.”)

Enough about this.  I’ll Be posting Buffy Part 2 later today!

UPDATE: A few people have asked what the Call Sheet info is…  I need to stand by my no spoilers policy here.  However, I will direct you to the nymag.com website where they can tell you what you want to know.  I do implore you though, to not look.  Let the story unfold in its intended manner.  Do you flip to the last page in a book first, and if you do, do you really enjoy it as much as you would have if you hadn’t?  Okay.  Kicking my apple crate aside.  Goodnight.