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I want to know what you think! We are in the home stretch! Love has been found and Lost. Babies have been born, while heroes and villains have met their demise. Miracles have occurred and horrors endured. The god-like beings of the island have had their fun.

Now, I want to know what you think.  In 100 words, or less, tell me how YOU think Lost will end!   The Lost Universe is pretty outrageous, so go wild!

Will Jack be the new Jacob?

Will Sawyer and Kate end up being Adam and Eve of the caves?

Will Desmond be able to just chill out and live the rest of his life in peace with Penny?

Will Ben be the new smokey?

The #1 Theory will receive (drumroll..dadadadadadadadadadadadadada) a guest appearance in a Lil’ Ben comic Strip!  Just forward me a pic and I’ll draw an exchange between you and that nefarious Lil’ fellow discussing your theory.  If you want, I’ll even send you the post-it that it is drawn on.

I welcome any and all ideas, and look forward to reading them. You can either post your idea as a comment to this post, or email me at

I’ll post the top three on Tuesday May 18th before the episode that night.

Thanks, and enjoy tonight’s episode, “Across the Sea.”


How will it end?!?