Jacob:  Bad-ass in his ceremonial manner.  His explanation to Kate regarding the job position still being available was hysterical.  “Just a line of chalk.”  Fantastic!

Give me that Apollo bar or I will take it from you!

Jack:  Way to step up man!  I watched the Walkabout episode earlier today from season 1 and caught the scene where Jack sits with Rose on the beach until she is ready to talk about Bernard.  Rose said “You’re patient and you have a good soul.  I guess that is why you became a doctor.”  Jack’s reply was “Actually I was sort of born into it.” (Or something close to that.)  That is Jack.  He was born into this.  He has been a natural leader since the start.  They all looked to him for his nod of approval.  He made decisions.  Some were good and some were bad, but they were decisions made in a world beyond his control.  He still has a few decisions to make.  Hopefully they will be the right ones…

Desmond and Hurley:  The plan is coming together.  I believe it is the “Fail Safe” plan.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the Sideways world.  Where is the fail-safe key?  Is it Desmond?  If so, where is the lock(e)?

Ben:  Good Form Ben!  I love not knowing where Ben’s alliance lies until he actually pulls the trigger.  He is a truly unknown quantity in an equation that abhors variables.  He already killed Jacob.  Maybe he’ll get MIB/ Smokey too?

More thoughts later.  I need to draw a Lil’ Ben and let the episode sink in.