Episode 10, in which Lil’ Ben, Desmond, and Vincent attempt to answer the bigger questions, like “Why?”

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Below are the additional chapters in Lil’ Ben’s Adventures so far:

Part 1 “A New Universe”

Part 2 “Chicken Sandwiches”

Part 3 “Dr. Reyes”

Part 4 “I’m a Corporate Symbol!”

Part 5 “Apocrypha Now and Later”

Part 6 “Kill Charlie”

Part 7 “Serenity”

Part 8ish  or 4815162342: “The Epilogue”

Part 9 “What was your Favorite Part?”

Also, do not forget that The Lil’ Ben contest end later today!  Submit a one or two line theory explaining how you think it will all end, anf YOU might be featured defending your theory in a Lil’ Ben Post-it comic.  You can post a comment, or email me at ialwayshaveaplan.lee@gmail.com

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