I’m in the middle of watching my personal Favorites before the Finale on Sunday May 23rd. Isn’t it great that Netflix has season 1 – 5 streaming in what my TV seems to think is HD?

Anyway, here is my viewing Schedule:

I’ve Already Watched:

5-18-10 – The Pilot Episode, and Walkabout – I watched the Pilot just because I always felt that The first shot is potentially the most important moment in all of the mythos, and Walkabout, because the way it unfolds to the BIG reveal at the end is some of the best TV storytelling I’ve ever witnessed. Also, the last shot of Locke on the beach is a little unnerving now that we are at the end. His smile is a little too sly. Is he Smokey at this point?…… nahhh. That would be cheating.

5-19-10 – Live Together Die Alone Parts 1 and 2 (Season 2 Finale) – Because I wanted to watch the fail-safe protocols again, and boy did I get more than I bargained for. These two episodes are SOOOO important to what we are watching right now in the homestretch.

I Will Watch:

5-20-10 – The Man From Tallahassee – Because I love how Locke’s tragic flashback storyline culminates in this episode. ( Season 3 Ep. 13) and

The Man Behind The Curtain (Season 3 Ep. 20) to get some quality Ben Linus time.

Through The Looking Glass Part 1 -2 (Season 3 Finale) Because “You All Everybody”

5-21-10 – The Constant (Season 4 Ep. 5) – Because Desmond and Penny will be all right Damn it! and …

The Shape of Things to Come (Season 4 Ep. 9) Because Ben is a bad-ass.

There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3 (Season 4 Finale) Because the end gets me a little bit choked up. They are all so flawed and broken even though they escaped. Brilliant TV.

5-22-10 He’s Our You (Season 5 Ep. 10) Because of this line “A 12-Year-Old Ben Linus Brought Me a Chicken Salad Sandwich. How Do You Think I’m Doing?”

Some Like it Hoth (Season 5 Ep. 13) Because Miles has a really cool back story and Hurley’s Empire Strikes Back scheme.

Then “The End” on May 23rd