As we go into the final lap, one of my newer theories, There is a Lost System Failure in My Head! A Four-Year-Old Recap! is doing quite well on/at the DARK UFO site(direct link to my theory on Dark UFO). People like it for some reason.

Swing on by if you have a moment and give it a gander?  Help this Lost addict get those last .3 points to be number 1?  I don’t know why I want that.  Will balloons fall from the ceiling and I’ll be declared the millionth customer and be given two Oceanic Airline tickets to the destination of my choice?  I haven’t had my coffee yet.   I should go wake up before I type one more word.


Thanks guys…  I feel loved.  I have a ten rating.  I don’t know what that means exactly, but it is cool.  Have a good night, and a good finale weekend!