Want to talk about Lost? I’d love to hear your ideas, criticism, thoughtghts. Email me at ialwayshaveaplan.lee@gmail.com.


2 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. hey!! really enjoyed reading your theories, and posts in general. The most recent, the literary analysis of major deaths, was *great*- I really enjoy appreciating the show not only for its plot, but also for its “real world” value. For all intents and purposes, Lost is the greatest “literary” work of our time.

    also: It looks like we both have 10.0 rated theories! (http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/05/jacob-has-been-in-practically-every.html) congrats on getting the last .3 points. 😀 I’m just wondering, though- this is the first theory i’ve ever posted (though i’ve been reading them for years)- how is the rating calculated? because my star rating is pretty low, and there are plenty of haters in the comments…

    Thanks again for sharing your great writing!

    1. Robert Lee Says:

      Hi Chris.

      Thanks for swinging by! I really have no idea how the stats are tallied on Dark UFO… I saw that I was 9.7 yesterday, and ten today. Yay! and Yay Lost! There are a good number of downright mean people in any message board. It can get frustrating when you try to start a conversation and are met with petty meanness.

      Just read your post, and (gave 5 stars!) very cool! I agree on most points you make. The show, thematically, has been constantly turning back in on itself. The only things that have changed season after season are location and the level of stakes. The characters are brilliant. The writers are brilliant. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

      Enjoy tonight!


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