Part 1: The Source

Jacob was the protector of The Island. He did that job in an overly complicated way until Benjamin Linus was manipulated into killing him. Jacob then gave the job to Jack. Jack’s first day on the job was a rough one. The Island contains the Source. It is the eye of the island. The Source, as I’ve come to understand it, is what gives every living thing… well, life. If that is the case, it stands to reason that it is the spark that caused the first cells to spontaneously combine in the primordial amino acid ooze of the planet.

Those cells multiplied and grew, and then split off, mutated, adapted, climbed out of the muck, grew feathers, gills, rooted itself in forests, giving birth to all LIFE. The Source, in itself (in the world of Lost) is the miracle of Life. When Desmond removed the ancient ‘cork’ in the Source, it began to overheat, and the miracle of life began to overheat too.

"Ship out of Danger?" "Needs of the one outweighs the... how did that go again?"

The Source might be something akin to a nuclear power plant, where heavy water is used to keep nuclear rods at a manageable temperature while also partially protecting the surrounding area from radiation. The sheer amount of power contained in the Source requires a coolant, to keep it from overheating, expanding, and swallowing up the entire planet. That was where the mystical waters of the island came in, flowing into the cave, and down into the mouth of the Source


I had the weirdest dream. I was in the cargo hold of a plane, for like six years!

The Source might be the energy left over from the past universe which precede Lost Prime.  The statement by Christian to Jack in the church at the end of “THE END” regarding everything that happened in the Sideways universe ‘being real’ as well as the island being real had me thinking in a karmic sort of way.  It is clear that they died in the Original Lost Prime universe.  Everyone in the Church had died in Lost Prime.  In the Sideways universe,  as a gift, they got to live out their lives with their loved ones with no island, smoke monster, and significantly less tragedy.  It is hinted that it is a purgatory-like place.  I would like to suggest that it is merely the next stage upward in the many different planes of existence.  As they all passed away in Lost Prime, their spirits graduated to the next plane of existence, and as a reward for all of their sacrifices in defense of all of existence, they were granted a lifetime reprieve to love one another.  If this were the case, I suggest that the cosmic cork in the source was keeping the universe that preceded the Lost Prime universe from overcoming Lost Prime.  It is most likely a dead universe, and all of its life had graduated up to Lost Prime.  A little crazy, but so is this show.


(This is where I get a little abstract) The hole in the ground on the island might be a small gateway to another universe all together. The source could very well be the exact point at which the energy required to act as the catalyst to begin life, spilled through into the Lost world. What if, on the other side of that hole, there was an alternate reality in which the entire Lost universe was a child’s third grade science experiment? What if there is a grand designer that planned the whole thing from start to finish, sitting right on the other side of that hole. That would make the hole a wormhole of some sort. From my many hours watching Sci Fi Science on The Science Channel,

along with my new obsession, Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, I understand that in order to open such a fissure in the first place, it would take so much energy that the planet would be shattered. But what if it was opened from the other end? The Lost universe would just be dealing with the energy caused by the spill over. Maybe they would just need to cork it? Also, what if the actual Laws of Nature were radically different over there? What if there were energies at work that could cause miracles to occur? Hugely extended lifespans? Sentient Energy Monsters? Time Travel? The harnessing of the energy of a person after they die, and keeping them nearby, sort of like the ghosts of the island? What if those were the energies seeping onto the island?


FROM WIKI: In DC Comics The Source (and it is really called that in the comics) is:

Darkseid has been after the Secret of the Source and the Anti-life Equation for pretty much ever.

“The Source can be considered a shared Consciousness in the DC Comics Universe, where it is the non-religious equivalent to Buddha-nature. It is the “source” of all that exists. Alternatively, it can be considered a description of the Creator God of the Universe, a science-fiction analogue based on Judaeo-Christian doctrine. Mostly associated with the New Gods, the Source was the supposed origin of the “god-wave” that is believed to have been responsible for creating and empowering the “Gods” of the DC Universe with their divine abilities. It also seems to be partially responsible for the ability of DC residents to develop super-powers, especially those that defy physics. Lying at the edge of the known universe in the Promethean Galaxy is the Source Wall, which protects the Source, and traps all those who attempt to pass beyond it.”

Sounds really really familiar doesn’t it? I’m sure a few Issues of the New Gods were passed around the Lost Writing rooms.

The Source is something that can be theorized about for years to come.

More  tomorrow, with …

“THE END” And They All Existed Happily Ever After: Part 2 of 4

On a personal level.  The episode was amazing.  I laughed.  I wept.  I got a few emails thanking me for my  writing over the past few months and that was very touching.   I never thought what I was doing was ‘thank worthy.’  I was also told by one person that I was a part of the Lost phenomenon and that IS SO COOL THAT ANYONE THINKS THAT!  Thank you.

One of My Favorite moments:

"I'm giving it right back to you after you get that light back on!"


I watched “Live together Die Alone,” the finale to Season 2, last night, because I wanted to watch the implementation of the fail-safe key again.  I saw it, and had a whole slew of other thoughts including a few theories about what we’ll see in the “The End” episode on Sunday May 23rd.


1. The boat “The Elizabeth” is discovered adrift off the coast of the island with an extremely intoxicated Desmond within.  Desmond wearily returns to the beach camp to declare “We are stuck inside a bloody snow globe!”   What an interesting metaphor.  A Snow globe is what?  It is a keepsake from a journey.  They sell them in gift shops at tourist attractions.  Is the island a keepsake of a higher being?

2. I found another reason why I sympathize with Desmond:  Desmond is being released from his court martial jail sentence.  Revealed as he retrieves his personal belongings are the picture of himself with Penny in better times, as well as a copy of Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens, which he brilliantly has saved for a poetic and dismal reason.  He states that he has “read every wonderful word written by Mr. Charles Dickens,” and he wants this book to be the last book he reads before he dies.

I can really appreciate this sentiment.  I recently bought the Antoine Doinel Box set of DVDs by Francois Truffaut.  Five films made over the course of a lifetime and career about one character living life, falling in love, failing at love, succeeding in business, and basically being a flawed human being.  I watched the first four, and could not bring myself to watch the fifth for fear of reaching the end.  Truffaut is dead, and unfortunately in our world, dead really is dead.  There will be no more Doinel.  I waited until a perfect Sunday afternoon and with a good glass of red wine I watched it, and I can never do that again for the first time.  I appreciate Desmond’s calculated patience.

Familiar Grouping to the "What they Died For" Episode?

3. Jacob’s Influence and The grouping of characters – Jacob gave a list to Richard, who in turn gave it to Benjamin, who then gave it to Michael.  What was on this list?  Four names.  Jack Shepherd, Kate Austin, John Ford, and Hugo Reyes.  Jacob knew it would come down to them.  Jacob wanted Ben to take them so he could test them.  Further, the other grouping of candidates in this episode, that fails in their task, mirroring the final season, is Sun, Jin, and Sayid.  Taking Desmond’s boat around the island in a effort to obtain the upper hand against the Others, turns out to be a wild goose chase.

"Hey, that's my belt!" That is also awfully familiar to MIB throwing his knife through the air to show Jacob the magnetic power near the well...

4. The philosophical conflict –  of whether or not to push the button in the swan station between John, Desmond, Mr. Eko, and Charlie, is mirrored in whether or not to let Smokey/ MIB leave the island. The castaways are divided.  John and Mr. Eko face fundamental differences over what to do in the hatch.  Faith versus Science versus faith in science versus man in the hatch.  John has switched modes of thinking, not because of any sudden transformation into a realist, but because he is having a crisis of faith.  He doubts himself and that terrifies them.  The all around lack of focus and determination leads to a stalemate that ultimately costs them their precious hatch.  The only thing that saves all of their lives and the entire world is Desmond turning his fail-safe key.  OR did it just blow them all up, so they could all start over again?

"What is that?" "This is the only other way out partner… It’s the fail-safe."

5. The fail-safe key.  Kelvin, when explaining underneath the Swan Station, asks Desmond if he would have the courage to take his finger out of the dam and blow the whole thing up instead?  The panel over the fail-safe lock reads:

What is the system?  The Computer System?  The Swan Station System?  The entire Island System?  The Entire Solar System?  The Entire Dimensional/Universal System that skewed off because of the ‘The Incident?’  A Pocket Universe growing off our own like a bubble?

In the sideways universe, Desmond is enacting a FINAL fail-safe.  Being unique in the entire world with his immunity to electromagnetic energies makes him perfect in his singular ability to enact this plan.  He subconsciously retained all his memories of the former existence/ universe.    All he needed was the right jolt, in the form of a deja-vu like experience almost drowning with Charlie, to bring them to the surface.  The plan that he foresaw when Charles Widmore trapped him in the EM chamber and bathed him in deadly levels of electromagnetic energy is at his disposal once more.

So, one could say, that in the Sideways universe Desmond himself is the Fail-safe key, but is Locke the lock that needs opening.  He did say that He was ‘trying to free’ Mr. Locke as he beat Ben in the School parking lot.  Does Desmond need Locke?  Does John hold some necessary element to the Fail-safe Protocol in the Sideways Universe?  Will it take the two of them together to set the world right?  Can they work together?

As I predicted very early on this season (Link) it seems that the island story is going to play to the end, and the Sideways story will begin from that end.  So it would benefit any true Lostie worth his or her weight in Dharma Beer to go back and watch all of the sideways stuff again…

But, what is the plan in the Sideways universe?

I have an idea…  I think Jack, on the island, is going to fail spectacularly.  I think it is all going to go sooooo unbelievably wrong, that the island is going to be utterly destroyed, and Smokey is going to get away into the world.  In this second and final incident (in the original Lost universe at least), brought on by the destruction of the source, so much energy is going to be released that it will create the sideways universe, a mirror universe in which things happen slightly differently than in the original universe.  (In a past entry posted before the premiere this season, I go into the concepts of brilliant Physicist Michio Kaku and how much energy it would take to create a parallel or tangent universe.  You could read that, or go watch below)  A new universe will be good for some, because they are alive now, but not for everyone, because Smokey is loose, and will have tainted the entire universe.  A bit of him is in everything in the sideways universe.  Eww Gross.

So, that said, I think the new fail-safe plan is quite simply how to get the djini (or smoke monster) back in the bottle in the Sideways Universe.

Another (probably not last…) theory – Desmond Can’t die because of his love for Penny.  The Source (as I think I understood it) is the parent of all life.  A bit of it is in every living thing.  To give a piece of itself to us all is a sacrifice of love.  When it comes in contact with Desmond turning the fail-safe key, it says to itself “You are so Awesomely in Love!!!  You are not going to die!  I am going to put it all back together again, and I’m just going to place you a few hundred feet away from where you were when the hatch imploded….  And TaDa!!!  Oh yeah, and I hope you don’t mind, but clothes are too complicated right now…”

"So the hatch like blew off your underwear?"

What a crazy and fun show this has been…

I’ll leave you with a clip attempting to explain Inflation Theory (You need to go to Youtube to watch it…  They disabled embedding.  It is really worth it though.

“The Incident opened a door, and Desmond closed it every 108 minutes” – reassessed after “What Kate Does” 2-10-10

(First – to differentiate properly, I’ll refer to the two universes as Lost PRIME, which is where the story has taken place for the past 5 seasons, and Lost SIDEWAYS, as the executive producers have labeled the new continuity)

  • In Lost PRIME The Incident was never clearly defined. What was the Incident? According to “Dr. Marvin Candle”, a.k.a. Dr. Pierre Chang, in the Swan Orientation film, the Incident was an electromagnetic anomaly that caused a catastrophic event at The Swan construction site. Not very descriptive, right? Could they have been hiding something? Of course they were!
  • I suggest that The Incident was always the splitting of the Lost PRIME universe into the Lost SIDEWAYS universe in 1977.

What happened happened.

You cannot change the past.

It only ends once, and anything that happens before that is just progress.

  • We’ve heard all of these things before, and it was always the truth. The Dharma Initiative and the Others/ Ben and Richard’s people in Lost PRIME knew about the Incident.  Further, they were tasked with protecting the island and the entire Lost PRIME universe by avoiding any further schisms.  The thing they did not know though, was WHO they were protecting it from.  They were supposed to be protecting it from Jack and the other 815ers.
  • After the Incident, the Swan Station was built to regulate the ‘pocket of energy.’  The hatch/ Swan Station in Lost Prime contained a computer that needed a sequence to be entered every 108 minutes. If that were not accomplished, the energy under the hatch would flare. The numerical sequence IS the cosmic lock combination to a doorway between Lost Prime and Lost Sideways.
  • Every 108 minutes, Lost SIDEWAYS attempted to encroach on our reality and take the place of Lost Prime. This Can Never Happen. If it does, then the castaways will never travel back in time to detonate Jug-head, so Lost Sideways can be created, so Flight 815 can land safely in La X. The discrepancies/ paradoxes would destroy the universe. Both universes need to continue to exist for the sake of each other.  If Lost Prime ceases to Exist, Lost SIDEWAYS will never be created, and the universe in its entirety would cease to exist.
  • By entering the sequence, Desmond effectively closed the cosmic door between Lost PRIME and Lost SIDEWAYS, and buying Lost PRIME 108 more minutes to live. He was really saving the world by pressing that button (Which ironically was labeled ‘execute’)
  • “Why were the numbers broadcast? Or why were they stamped on the side of the hatch?”… Why would they (The Others or Dharma) do that? Because it is the most important combination in the entire Lost PRIME universe. Without it, the entire universe will cease to exist. You wouldn’t want to lose that combination, would you? You’d write it down and tell everyone, just in case you couldn’t get to the button in time.  Why wouldn’t Dharma or the indigenous people set up shop at the Swan to be sure the numbers are entered?  Because, the dedication needed to continually enter the numbers requires a special kind of person with a ‘never say die attitude.’  They would need a man that is (in his own mind at least) a hero, like Kelvin, along with a man like Stuart Radzinsky, who probably accepted this never-ending chore as a penance for his part in causing “The Incident.”  Then Desmond came along, and it was necessary to come up with a more elaborate story to keep him in the station.
  • Hurley’s friend, Leonard Simms, at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute in L.A. taught Hurley the cosmic combo, but Hurley calls them ‘the numbers’. During his incarceration, it was all Leonard could say. The numbers drove him insane. While in the Navy he heard the transmission from the island and the knowledge must have allowed him to travel or peer into the Lost SIDEWAYS world. Maybe he saw himself living a very different life. Maybe he was a millionaire, or a bank robber or a movie star. Whatever he saw, it broke his grasp on reality.  He never fully returned.
  • One day, Desmond accidentally murdered his hatchmate Kelvin after discovering that most of what Kelvin told him was a lie (or half-truths) and failed to enter the sequence in time. Failing to push the button caused a massive energy flare which pulled Flight 815 of the Lost PRIME universe out of the sky, AND was beginning to pull the entire Lost Prime universe in on itself, or collapse in on itself like a black hole.  Black holes are one of the strongest forms of gravity in the known universe, and could/ would easily pull 815 from the air along with everything else.  Once Lost PRIME in its entirety was gone, Lost SIDEWAYS would simply take its place.  After all, nature abhors a vacuum.
  • Daniel Faraday’s radiation research to cause mind transferal to the past was not moving the mind to the past. It was allowing the subject’s mind to shift from Lost PRIME to its counterpart on Lost SIDEWAYS. Theresa Spencer, Daniel’s girlfriend and assistant at Oxford, was a test subject after Daniel had tested his theories on the rat Eloise and himself.  Theresa experienced a side-effect that caused her to become unstuck in time/ and or space.  This raises a question?  Daniel claimed that he used the machine on himself?  How did he maintain a hold on his present?  Who was his constant?  Did he travel to the future and meet someone that could be his constant?  Did he travel to Lost Sideways?  I suggest that we have not seen the last of Daniel Faraday.  He knew what was going to happen.  He knew his mom was going to shoot him.  He knew Charlotte was going to die.  Why?  Because he told himself.  He had a journal that he needed to keep referring to.  Why would you have to refer to a journal as often as he did, if he were the person that wrote it?  He did write it.  It was written by an older and (if this is possible) even wiser Daniel Faraday.  Also, I would gladly bet five dollars, that on one page of that journal it says, “Daniel, if you want to save everyone on the island, you’re going to have to die.”  Daniel used his machine to traverse time and space, wrote it all down, and gave it to his younger self so he could save the universe.
  • A few people asked how Desmond’s ‘Time Travel’ would work in my theory as well. Desmond’s consciousness shift was SIMILAR to Farday’s research.  He is able to slip back and forth along his personal timeline.  He is (most likely) unique in this universe and is more adaptable to ’shifts’, and might be capable of travel back and forth to Lost Sideways without use of the doorway created by the Incident. Desmond and Penny’s storyline is one of my favorites. I hope they make it out alive by the end.
  • The Island is the tether between Lost PRIME and Lost SIDEWAYS.  (New Crazy Thought) The membrane wall between ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ is thinner on the island.  Cripples can walk, addled minds become clear, and miracles occur because of this malleability of possibilities.  It is as if people can take on the qualities of their Alternate selves.
  • On November 27, 2004, John Locke and Desmond, convinced that the button sequence was a psychological test, chose to not press the button. As the station started to violently warp from the electromagnetic energy, Desmond realized his error and changed his mind. The computer itself was already destroyed, along with the countdown clock. Desmond entered a crawlspace to initiate the fail-safe procedure, which was the simple turning of a key. The Swan imploded upon activation of this fail-safe.
  • The fail-safe was the permanent (?) closing of the doorway between Lost PRIME and Lost SIDEWAYS, so neither could overwrite the other in the universe. Both universes were safe, but they no longer have access to the energy.
  • How does this theory work with the underlying theme of good and evil?  My response is simply that Good and Evil will always be in conflict. It is their nature to clash. One attacks, the other defends. This is merely a different battleground, with a different prize. And what better prize than a doorway between worlds?
  • For now The Universe is safe, except Jack in Lost SIDEWAYS seems a little too aware of Lost PRIME. He’ll do something to make the universe rip at the seams of reality. That is what Jack does. He breaks things. He broke his relationship with his dad, his marriage, himself with pills, and finally he broke the universe. Thanks Jack! Actually, clearly they are not safe.

The Island is underwater in Lost SIDEWAYS? The Island, I think, was able to jump back and forth between the two worlds. What about the Island underwater? Lets think this through. How can our current Island be the one that is underwater? I’ve got it (at least in my head I’ve got it)! Not sure If you’ll like this, but It works with the way that the wonderful writers of Lost like to screw with our senses of time and continuity.

There are two storylines that run through this season:

Lost PRIME – The castaways are on the Island in 2007, fighting for their lives against MIB, the Others, Flocke, Each Other, etc. When Charlie Widmore & Co. inevitably comes a knockin’, they will be faced with making the difficult decision to ‘move the island’ again. The Island will shift To Lost SIDEWAYS, and find itself unstable(?). Something will go wrong with the shift leading to the island sinking, where the secrets, MIB, the energy, and the statue foot will be revealed to be the one and only island no matter which universe you are in.

Just then!…. In Lost SIDEWAYS,

The Lost SIDEWAYS Flight 815 will fly overhead, and that storyline will play out from where we saw it begin in the La X episode.

Basically what I am saying, is that to watch this season chronologically, you would watch the entire storyline on the island from beginning to end, then the story line in L.A. in the Lost Sideways universe from the premiere to the finale.  Then it will all make sense.  Its pretty brilliant if the writers are doing that, because it will get us all to watch the entire thing again.  Which I’d do anyway….

I'd rather be a time traveler

The Premiere of Lost the Final Season was nothing short of mind bending.

“You will watch LOST as I bend your MIND!”

Story is the backbone to Lost, but the characters are its soul. Without the awesomely despair-ridden deceitful castaways that we have come to love, this show would have sunk deep into the Pacific Ocean at the end of season 3.


Let’s take a few minutes to look at the nature of the two storylines in this episode. The first storyline depicts Jack back on Flight 815 in 2004. Is seems identical to the pilot episode, except Jack’s face seems to reflect a little more mileage, and he might have one or two additional grey hairs. Suddenly, the flight hits turbulence, but that is all, and they arrive on time. Jug-head worked! Jack successfully hit Apple-Z (I’m a Mac) on the universe! Or did he? He seems a little out of sorts. Deja-Vu Jack? Feel like you’ve done this before?

But wait. The universe is split in two. When Jug-head exploded, a new time-line skewed off from our own creating a place in which Flight 815 never crashed. Now, lucky Hurley completed his Australian trip, Boone left his sister in Australia, Kate is being extradited for patricide, and Sawyer is offering good-natured advice to a stranger. Wait. What? Sawyer offers good advice to a stranger? How out of Character, considering this is the shyster Sawyer from 2004 who has not known Freckles or Juliet yet. Is it possible that the universe needs a better Sawyer, a nobler Sawyer, and is course correcting? Charlie seems oddly aware of his need to perish for the sake of reality.

Simultaneously (?), and in 2007, back in the Old Lost Universe, the castaways find themselves still trapped on the island, at night, in their bloodied Dharma jumpsuits.

I’d like to make a suggestion. In order to differentiate between the two storylines, I will refer to the Original Lost Universe that we have followed for 5 seasons as Lost Universe Prime. The new Lost timeline where 815 made it to L.A. intact will be known as Lost Universe 2.

Lost Prime – Jack and Company are injured, bloodied, and some are dying. They are afraid and angry. Their leader Jack has failed them. They were ready to die for the sake of their futures, their pasts, and their hopes and dreams. Instead, all they got was a ringing in their ears, and the same island. Dissent immediately ensues. Sides are chosen. A wiser Sawyer than we’ve seen before realizes that the greatest punishment for Jack is to live with everything that he has done. Sawyer can see Jack for what he is, a lost boy who desperately needed to impress his unimpressible daddy.

Lost Prime still exists quite simply because it needs to. It is said that ‘Nature abhors a vacuum,’ so how could your eradicate an entire timeline? According to Jack’s plan, as he co-opted it from Daniel Faraday, lives, loves, wars, scientific advancement, birthdays, accidents, deaths, every choice a person ever made from 1977 to 2004, all of these would cease to exist, and would be replaced by a better (?) world in which they arrived in L.A. unscathed. Jack’s gamble with the bomb worked, and it saved flight 815 thirty years from when it was detonated, but it did not save the actual castaways that were present at ground zero in 1977. They did not cease to exist. How could they cease to exist? They were there. They blew the bomb up. If Lost Prime were eliminated along with the Lost Prime castaways, then WHO blew up Jug-head? To eliminate that Timeline could unhinge the entire universe. The universe needs them to be on the island in 1977 to detonate Jug-head. In this way, the universe, in order to ensure its continued existence, course corrected itself by creating a tangent timeline.

Course correction

The universe did see the mistake in that the castaways were not in their proper timeline, and used the energy of the Jug-head explosion to re-insert them into their proper place in time. According Dr. Michio Kaku, an awesome theoretical physicist, the universe can be literally melted if the right amount of heat is used, then at that point the actual laws of physics change. Things beyond our imagination can be realized, like time travel, wormholes, and other dimensions can be reached. Jug-head exploding along with the destruction of the energy pocket would probably qualify for enough energy. I buy it.

Tangent Timelines

Doc Brown explains in Back to the Future Part 2 the concept of tangent timelines rather eloquently:

Doc Brown Explains it all


Obviously the time continuum has been disrupted creating this new temporally venced sequence resulting in this alternative reality.


English, Doc!


Here, here, here, let me illustrate.

Doc finds blackboard and stands it up. He picks up some chalk.


Imagine that this line represents time…..

Doc draws a line on the blackboard.


…Here’s the present, 1985 (He writes “1985” on the board), the future (he writes “F”), and the past (he writes “Past”). Prior to this point in time… (He points to 1985) …somewhere in the past, the timeline skewed into this tangent, creating an alternate 1985.

Doc draws the tangent on the board and writes “1985-A” on it.


Alternate to you, me and Einstein. But reality for everyone else.

Doc goes to the DeLorean and gets a bag out.


Recognize this? It’s the bag the sports book came in. I know, because the receipt is still inside. I found them in the time machine, along with this!

Doc shows Marty what he found. It’s the top of 2015 Biff’s cane!


It’s the top of Biff’s cane, I mean old Biff from the future!


Correct! It was in the time machine because Biff was in the time machine – with the sports almanac!


Holy shit!


Jack. Poor Jack. Jack is so broken. When the plane initially crashed, the people on the beach said “Oh! Jack is a Doctor. Let’s do what he says.” Jack didn’t ask to lead them, but he stepped up. Like a good leader he followed through, only faltering once or twice, and as a result a lot of people died. Jack is a Doctor that lacks confidence when he needs it. He is husband that lacked the ability to give his wife love when she needed it. He is a pill popping alcoholic suicide waiting to happen. In the season finale, I was rather terrified that Jack wasn’t really following the plan Faraday laid out for him, but was attempting a large scale group suicide. I thought he might have given up and decided it was time to just end it for everyone involved. He thought they were too far gone and needed Jack Kevorkian rather than Jack Sheppard. Jack is a broken man in both Lost Prime and Lost 2. In both universes he has major regrets. In Lost Prime, he regrets his treatment of his Dad, his Wife, his career, himself. He wants more. He wants to be the best, but doesn’t know how, and doesn’t know how to be with people, and just be happy. He’ll never be satisfied. As a non-believer on the island, he refused to accept Locke’s faith in Jacob, fate, and destiny. In L.A. as an Oceanic Six survivor, he embraced faith and destiny while throwing the scientific method out the window. In Lost Universe 2, he has the same regrets and shortcomings, but less people have died.  He is a broken man, with a broken soul, broken relationships, and look at what he’s done now. Look Jack. You’ve broken the universe. Thanks a lot Jack.

Mirror Jack

Jack Prime and Jack 2

Here is an interesting train of thought.

-The Incident was never clearly defined in earlier seasons. What was the Incident?

-I suggest that the incident was always the skewing of our reality into another universe in 1977.

-The hatch in Lost Prime contained a computer that needed a sequence to be entered every 108 minutes. If that were not accomplished, the energy under the hatch would flare up opening the doorway to Lost 2.

-Desmond got too drunk one day and chose not to enter the sequence. That pulled Flight 815 through the doorway to the island from Lost 2.

-When the hatch was destroyed, the control of the doorway was lost. Now the bridge between Lost Prime and Lost 2 is swinging wide open, you just have to find the door to use it. That was the 325 and 308 bearings to get off the island.

-Jack, Kate Sawyer, et al. travel back in time. They Blow up Jug-head.

-They create an alternate reality.

-“The Incident” was known to the Dharma Initiative. They know it is the creation of the alternate universe. The Incident was the creation of Lost Universe 2.

You broke the universe Jack. Happy now? Your daddy still won't love you.

Old Business

Well, I just heard a radio spot for the Lost premiere tonight, and my statement (in my last blog) as to what the most important question to ask regarding the multiple mysteries of the island and its inhabitants was right on the money. The focus of the radio piece was a man (Ben’s voice, I think…) asking Jack, “Jack,WHY were you brought to the island?” If that question is answered, pretty much everything else will fall into place.

Artist’s interpretation of me Dancing the Jig.

New Business

The island, what is it?

I realized recently, that nearly every program on the Discovery Channel can be applied to Lost in some way, and/or contribute to a theory. Example! I was watching SciFi Science, hosted by the very awesome Dr. Michio Kaku, and he was explaining something called Inflation theory.

Inflation theory allows for a unique take on the concept of parallel universes. At its most basic, it states that the universe is constantly expanding outward from the central Big Bang that created everything in the known universe. This theory allows for additional Baby Big Bangs as well. When the conditions are correct and a sufficient amount of energy is spent, a new additional big bang can occur, just smaller, and its doesn’t eradicate us from existence.

Near Geneva the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has built The Large Hadron Collider, which is the largest particle accelerator the world has ever seen.

It’s a pretty big machine

Some are worried that this device could produce baby big bang-like events that could potentially swallow up our planet. Others believe that the tiny big bangs will create new universes that could/ would blink into existence and just as quickly would fall out of phase with our ‘reality’ and become a parallel space, or another dimension, much like the places we used to watch on the Twilight Zone.   These new parallel universes/ realities would follow the same fundamental laws of our dimension, but but who is to say they would stay that way? Who is to say that people wouldn’t become telepathic or super strong or super smart, or harness time travel?  Hmmmmm?

As this new baby universe buds off from our own, a bridge would be formed, much like a bubble being stretched to form two bubbles. For a brief moment during this new universe’s creation, travel between the two worlds would be possible. To travel back and forth at a later date would require very exact specific conditions, similar to the conditions under which the Oceanic Six needed to create to get back to the Island.  Hmmmm?

According to Dr. Michio Kaku, with enough heat, and we are talking heat as hot as the big bang itself, it would be possible to open (or re-open) a door to this alternate universe. The door would form by literally melting the universe at a precise point.

In comic books, The Justice League of America, made up of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, etc. are well aware of the existence of parallel universes, and given their abilities, find the trip to one of these alternate world much easier than we ever could. In order to keep their Multi-verse straight, the JLA refer to their dimension as Earth-1. On Earth-2 the people of Earth live in fear of an evil version of the JLA, that rule with an iron fist. That world’s only hero is Lex Luthor. Crazy, right?

What if the island is in one of these alternate spaces/ parallel worlds? What if this energy that is contained in the island is a fundamental force of the universe, and it created this other subspace that it exists in? So, everytime it flares up, say like when Desmond has too much to drink and decides not to press a certain button, it creates a bridge back to its parent universe (where we live) and for a brief moment the two are linked.

From the island, the bearing to leave as told to Michael was  325. What if that is simply the bearing to cross the bridge back to our reality.  Is that the bearing that can get you out of the Twilight Zone?

Cheers ! Enjoy the Final Season Premiere!