Is Benjamin Linus a cyber Bully?

So, I recently dared to enter the Lost messageboards of Facebook and Myspace… I was there just to test the waters, and see what people are talking about. I re-posted a blog from earlier last week to a message board. I was immediately challenged with responses that ranged from “Kate is a whore” to personal attacks on me. A person that adopted the name of a fictional hobbit as his facebook alter ego called me a coward for not replying to his/ or her taunts…. It was very strange. For about five minutes, I was enraged. I hadn’t drank my morning coffee yet. How dare this magical little person/ creature call me a coward. I am totally going to the shire to kick his….. Wait a second. This is a person that doesn’t exist. I’m arguing on behalf of a fictional character with a hobbit. I calmed down. I drank my coffee. I went on to have a great day.

Benjamin Linus, when introduced, was going by the pseudonym Henry Gale. (No need to go into the Wizard of Oz stuff. I’m pretty sure we are all well beyond that.) He chose the name of a fictional character that suited his situation, the personality that he wanted to convey, and his location. He then, under the guise of this alias, proceeded to (in-between beatings and torture sessions) create dissent amongst the castaways. Through simple questions, and manipulated situations, he was able to create a schism in the camp. Thus was born the Locke Camp and the Jack Camp. He played on their weakness of faith, both in a fundamental higher power and in each other. They began to distrust one another, and even position themselves into more strategic stances ‘just in case.’ This was all because of little Henry Gale, human punching bag, locked in the hatch. It is very similar to what a cyber bully does on these message boards. They create aliases for themselves. They argue. They insult. They belittle, and they distract you from what you should be doing, which is to be productive and proactive about formulating a plan to get yourself off of that freaking island! Build another raft! Use the radio tower to transmit something! Do Not listen to Henry Gale. He is just a Cyber Bully.

Things that are Lost:

The Incredible Hulk got Lost today in Hackensack. The snow confused him.

Hulk Cold!! Hulk Smash snow!!!!

Enjoy tonight’s Episode of Lost!