Part 4 – Where the Wild Smoke Monsters Are – Establishing villains

From the beginning the smoke monster was established as the ominous adversary.  The castaways saw it from afar ripping entire trees out of the ground, probably just going for a walk.  It was an unknown ‘thing’ that would randomly pop into the camp and terrorize, kill, and drag people off.  From a writing standpoint it seemed to be a Deus ex Machina given form, which is pretty funny.  It did become more.  It was given a face.  Actually it was given many faces over the course of the show.  Best of all, it was given motivation.  It was given a reason to be so angry.  It has been a prisoner for thousands of years.  A lifetime sentence has to be pretty rough when you are an immortal sentient cloud.

The purpose of the monster was to act as the antagonist to a group of people that would need to face the greatest threat that not just the world has ever faced, but all of existence.  Their test was such a mind-bogglingly huge task, that people will talk and write books about it for years to come.  Many people seem to see the conflict as being one of good versus evil, as Locke hinted at during season one while teaching backgammon to Walt.  “Light versus dark” was the exact phrase Locke used.  I do not think that is the correct phrasing for this conflict though.  It would be accurate to call the Lost conflict of the Castaways Vs. Smoke monster ‘People versus Evil.”  None of the Castaways were what anyone religious, agnostic, or atheist would ever call ‘good.’  Sayid was an interrogation torturer, Shannon slept with her half brother, and Jack was so conflicted that it drove him nearly to suicide.  The fight in Lost was one of human beings banding together to rise above their vices, prejudices, and petty hatreds to fight something that is beyond even their understanding.

Why did the monster choose Locke?  The monster chose John Locke’s form because very simply, it was a good fit.  John was an adamant believer in all of the goodness of the island and what it could potentially be to him and all people.  This steadfastness made him perfect for a guise that would allow the monster to enact his final gambit to get off that rock.  It is a slippery slope when you believe as strongly as John Locke.  It raises philosophical questions that people constantly ask themselves with regards to whether or not there is a god, like “If god loves us why is there war, famine, disease, hatred, guns, etc.?”  If Jacob loved them, then why was there a smoke monster?  When the resurrected John Locke appeared with a more extreme viewpoint, it was completely believable to the Others.  He was a new kind of leader that wouldn’t take Jacob’s ‘Look-at-me-I-live-in-a-foot-and-tell-you-what-to-do’ crap anymore.  Little did they know, that they were following their sworn enemy on a mission to kill the protector of all that they loved.  Locke’s likeness was a flesh-suit that the smoke monster wore with ease and died even easier while wearing.

“These pretzels are making me thirsty!”

There were other monsters to contend with on the island as well.  Greed.  It is man’s nature to want more than they have or need.  The source represented something that men would kill for.  It was a modern (and also ancient) fountain of youth, that men would travel time and space to acquire.  Men and women have died trying to discover trading routes across the sea.  What would they do to live forever?  Vices.  Charlie literally could not get away from heroin.  It was rather hysterical how much heroin was on the island.  Just when you thought he was clean and sober, another bag of heroin would pop up.  Jealousy. Jack loved Kate who slept with Sawyer who lived with Juliet in 1977 for three years, who fell for Jack.  All four of these people would live and die for each other, but they will always be looking at the other woman or man and wondering ‘what if?’  Infidelity – Sun was on her way to another man when the plane crashed.  Cruelty – Boone’s constant belittling of his sister. 


Murder – How many people did Jack kill on his rampages through the Other’s camps.  What about the people in the past that died in the bomb he dropped down that hole in the ground?  Sawyer was on his way back from Australia where he committed murder.  Kate killed her stepfather.  Charlie killed Ethan.  Desmond killed Kelvin.  Michael killed Ana-lucia and Libby.  Locke’s doubts all but killed Mr. Eko.  None of them were angels.

They all had a monster within, and that is what made them all so fascinating.  They had the capacity for true evil, but chose to fight it within themselves while fighting it externally on the Island as well.

I’m not quite retiring this site yet.  There is more to say, and I will be purchasing the season 6 set in a few short months and re-watching.  I’ll probably have some new thoughts at this point.  In the next few days I will have a new site up (URL TBA) and will post and link to it here.  I’m going to open up my reviews to encompass more than just Lost.

Keep an eye out for one more Lil’ Ben strip in the next few days!

Absolute favorite Finale moment: When Ben apologizes, and he means it!

And lastly, Links to the OTHER parts of this series of thoughts, recaps, reactions, sweet nothings, etc. about the final episode of Lost, “The End.”

And They All Existed Happily Ever After Part 1 – THE SOURCE

And They All Existed Happily Ever After Part 2 – Desmond is the Metal Fork in the Microwave of the Universe!

And They All Existed Happily Ever After Part 3 – The Peripeteia

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Part 1: The Source

Jacob was the protector of The Island. He did that job in an overly complicated way until Benjamin Linus was manipulated into killing him. Jacob then gave the job to Jack. Jack’s first day on the job was a rough one. The Island contains the Source. It is the eye of the island. The Source, as I’ve come to understand it, is what gives every living thing… well, life. If that is the case, it stands to reason that it is the spark that caused the first cells to spontaneously combine in the primordial amino acid ooze of the planet.

Those cells multiplied and grew, and then split off, mutated, adapted, climbed out of the muck, grew feathers, gills, rooted itself in forests, giving birth to all LIFE. The Source, in itself (in the world of Lost) is the miracle of Life. When Desmond removed the ancient ‘cork’ in the Source, it began to overheat, and the miracle of life began to overheat too.

"Ship out of Danger?" "Needs of the one outweighs the... how did that go again?"

The Source might be something akin to a nuclear power plant, where heavy water is used to keep nuclear rods at a manageable temperature while also partially protecting the surrounding area from radiation. The sheer amount of power contained in the Source requires a coolant, to keep it from overheating, expanding, and swallowing up the entire planet. That was where the mystical waters of the island came in, flowing into the cave, and down into the mouth of the Source


I had the weirdest dream. I was in the cargo hold of a plane, for like six years!

The Source might be the energy left over from the past universe which precede Lost Prime.  The statement by Christian to Jack in the church at the end of “THE END” regarding everything that happened in the Sideways universe ‘being real’ as well as the island being real had me thinking in a karmic sort of way.  It is clear that they died in the Original Lost Prime universe.  Everyone in the Church had died in Lost Prime.  In the Sideways universe,  as a gift, they got to live out their lives with their loved ones with no island, smoke monster, and significantly less tragedy.  It is hinted that it is a purgatory-like place.  I would like to suggest that it is merely the next stage upward in the many different planes of existence.  As they all passed away in Lost Prime, their spirits graduated to the next plane of existence, and as a reward for all of their sacrifices in defense of all of existence, they were granted a lifetime reprieve to love one another.  If this were the case, I suggest that the cosmic cork in the source was keeping the universe that preceded the Lost Prime universe from overcoming Lost Prime.  It is most likely a dead universe, and all of its life had graduated up to Lost Prime.  A little crazy, but so is this show.


(This is where I get a little abstract) The hole in the ground on the island might be a small gateway to another universe all together. The source could very well be the exact point at which the energy required to act as the catalyst to begin life, spilled through into the Lost world. What if, on the other side of that hole, there was an alternate reality in which the entire Lost universe was a child’s third grade science experiment? What if there is a grand designer that planned the whole thing from start to finish, sitting right on the other side of that hole. That would make the hole a wormhole of some sort. From my many hours watching Sci Fi Science on The Science Channel,

along with my new obsession, Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, I understand that in order to open such a fissure in the first place, it would take so much energy that the planet would be shattered. But what if it was opened from the other end? The Lost universe would just be dealing with the energy caused by the spill over. Maybe they would just need to cork it? Also, what if the actual Laws of Nature were radically different over there? What if there were energies at work that could cause miracles to occur? Hugely extended lifespans? Sentient Energy Monsters? Time Travel? The harnessing of the energy of a person after they die, and keeping them nearby, sort of like the ghosts of the island? What if those were the energies seeping onto the island?


FROM WIKI: In DC Comics The Source (and it is really called that in the comics) is:

Darkseid has been after the Secret of the Source and the Anti-life Equation for pretty much ever.

“The Source can be considered a shared Consciousness in the DC Comics Universe, where it is the non-religious equivalent to Buddha-nature. It is the “source” of all that exists. Alternatively, it can be considered a description of the Creator God of the Universe, a science-fiction analogue based on Judaeo-Christian doctrine. Mostly associated with the New Gods, the Source was the supposed origin of the “god-wave” that is believed to have been responsible for creating and empowering the “Gods” of the DC Universe with their divine abilities. It also seems to be partially responsible for the ability of DC residents to develop super-powers, especially those that defy physics. Lying at the edge of the known universe in the Promethean Galaxy is the Source Wall, which protects the Source, and traps all those who attempt to pass beyond it.”

Sounds really really familiar doesn’t it? I’m sure a few Issues of the New Gods were passed around the Lost Writing rooms.

The Source is something that can be theorized about for years to come.

More  tomorrow, with …

“THE END” And They All Existed Happily Ever After: Part 2 of 4

On a personal level.  The episode was amazing.  I laughed.  I wept.  I got a few emails thanking me for my  writing over the past few months and that was very touching.   I never thought what I was doing was ‘thank worthy.’  I was also told by one person that I was a part of the Lost phenomenon and that IS SO COOL THAT ANYONE THINKS THAT!  Thank you.

One of My Favorite moments:

"I'm giving it right back to you after you get that light back on!"

I want to know what you think! We are in the home stretch! Love has been found and Lost. Babies have been born, while heroes and villains have met their demise. Miracles have occurred and horrors endured. The god-like beings of the island have had their fun.

Now, I want to know what you think.  In a sentence or two, tell me how YOU think Lost will end!   The Lost Universe is pretty outrageous, so go wild!

Will Jack be the new Jacob?

Will Desmond be able to just chill out and live the rest of his life in peace with Penny?

Will Ben be the new smokey?

The #1 Theory will receive (drumroll..dadadadadadadadadadadadadada) a guest appearance in a Lil’ Ben comic Strip!  Just forward me a pic and I’ll draw an exchange between you and that nefarious Lil’ fellow discussing your theory.  If you want, I’ll even send you the post-it that it is drawn on.

I welcome any and all ideas, and look forward to reading them. You can either post your idea as a comment to this post, or email me at

I’ll post the top three on Tuesday May 18th before the episode that night.

I’d like to take a look at who is still standing as we enter the final week of Lost and look forward to the next to last episode, “What they Died For.”.

Who will Live?

Who will Die?

Who will Live forever?!?!

Jack – The everyman in every sense of the word.

Jack embodies our best and very often our worst.  If Jack was to die we would lose our connection to the story.  He is not always the narrator or voice of the tale, but he is the most human.  Will he be the final replacement for Jacob?  It seems a little too pat and dry to me.  Everything points to Jack being the new protector, and I’ve learned from years of this show, that you can not trust these writers or producers to take the obvious or easy way out.  I would say that the chances of Jack being the replacement are slim to none, but the chance of him sacrificing himself at the last moment to save the remaining Castaways are pretty good (3:1) because he has been looking for absolution since the first frame of the show. Jack being the immortal replacement…  5:1.

Sawyer – The conman who is simultaneously on the road to redemption and the bumpy road to revenge.

Sawyer may not want redemption.  It might have been Kate’s influence that put him on the less traveled redemption road in the first place. Take Kate out of the mix and his need for revenge might overpower his desire for redemption.  He is the most likely to be manipulated into ending the lives of a few more castaways.  In the heat of the moment, Sawyer has been known to cross over to the Dark side.  Sawyer’s death is very likely in my opinion.  I foresee Sawyer committing some sort of atrocity and in the midst of his self-loathing he will end his own life to save the remaining castaways. (Dead?…  even odds / Sawyer being the immortal replacement? Not a chance in the island)

Kate – America’s Sweetheart.

Story-wise, Kate has been treated like ‘the prize’ since the beginning.  Now we have ‘the source’ as Jacob’s mom called it as well.  Who will get the source and who will get Kate?  Is Kate the second place prize?  So, from a writing stand-point, I think Kate will make it to the end, relatively unscathed.  However, Kate could still be used in the cosmic game of MIB and Jacob.  Even though she is not a candidate, she still has a position of power.  Multiple candidates like, love, and respect her. If Kate dies, it will really be the beginning of the end.  Everything will come unhinged.  More on this below, but it has to do with Claire. (Odds….  I just don’t know.   Kate is like winning three consecutive rounds in the card game Asshole, and getting to make a rule.  Kate makes her own rules and odds)

Hurley – The guy everybody loves.

Hurley was born for this adventure.  He is right where he belongs.  His ‘luck,’ be it good or bad, has led him to this moment in time.  He will be integral to how everything plays out.  Will he survive though?  I don’t know.  When the island no longer needs you, it tends to toss you aside pretty easily.  I think there is a very good chance that Hurley could see all of the souls stuck on the island gathered to thank him for listening as they welcome him to the afterlife.  On the other hand, Hurley is such a fan favorite, that it could be too much for the writers to off Hurley.  I’m on the fence here.  I say 10:1 chance of Hurley dying, but he will be very important to how it plays out.  I do, however think that there is a very good chance that Richard will finally be able to join his wife in the afterlife, leaving Hurley to mediate between the living and deceased island residents for the extended future.  (Dying 10:1, Living forever as the new Richard Alpert mediator EVEN)

MIB/ Flocke / Smokey – The Disney Villain.

His time is done.  He will die.  That is what he wants anyway.

He has had the time to plan this out to the tiniest detail.  I think it will all begin with MIB/ Smokey giving Claire a very serious order.

(Dead?  Even odds)

Richard – The Mediator.

Richard has been afraid of paying for his crime of passion for hundreds of years.  Someone is going to tell him it is all right to let go.

Richard will be allowed to pass on into the afterlife.

(Dead?  Even.  Immortal?  Not for much longer.)

Claire – The crazy one.

Claire lost her marbles.  She’ll need to get them back to survive the coming conflict.  If she regains her senses, there is a good chance of her getting off the island to where she can be reunited with her son.  If she remains crazy, she is a goner.  She is the literal wild card that MIB/Smokey has kept nearby, just in case his well laid plan goes awry.  Which it has!  MIB will let Claire off her leash for the purpose of killing Kate.  Kate is the glue that holds the castaways together.  With Kate gone, I give it ten minutes before they start killing each other. Also, hear me out here; there is a slight chance of Claire living forever. The MIB and Jacob were siblings.  They were perfectly suited to guard each other as they protect the source from the outside world.  Clair and Jack, who have very different worldviews at this point, might be fated to assume those roles for the foreseeable future.  Clair, the yang, could potentially be the new smokey to Jack’s protector Yin.  (Dying 20:1, Eternal Life 5:1)


Miles is perfectly suited as a sacrificial lamb.  I predict that the next time we see him will be in the jungle.  Hurley will see him and walk off to say “Hey dude!  Where have you been?”  At which point, we will discover that he died off camera (EDIT) at some earlier point.  Which is great for Hurley!  Because Miles is perfectly suited to inform Hurley on what is actually going on in the afterlife on the island.  It will be like having a man on the inside of Hell!

(Dead? EVEN. Immortal? No way)

Charles – The Bad Guy?

Charles will stand revealed as working with MIB the whole time.  He will pay for all of his evil ways with his life.

The island will never be his.

(Dead?  Definitely!  Immortal?  Never.)

Desmond – The Saviour?

Desmond has been a man of science, a man of faith, a military man, a lover, a husband, a father, and now a saviour.  He has followed fate blindly and he has attempted to thwart fate.  He has a plan at this point and intends to follow it.  I can’t wait to see how it plays out.  He will survive right up to the end.  He will be reunited with Penny and his son.

(Death? 50:1.  Immortal?  Not the way this character drinks)

Ben – The man that always has a plan.

I think Ben will be one of the last men standing.  He is a survivor.  Will he ultimately pay for all of his conniving ways?  Probably, but I think he is the morally grey character that will indeed live to fight another day.  I think that when the world morphs into the sideways universe, Ben will be one of the few that fully retains his memories of what went before.  He will stand at the center of what is coming.

(Dead 100:1, Immortal? Nahhh.)

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I’m on the same page as Jimmy Kimmel. Why show an episode about Jacob and MIB in the last three episodes? They really don’t matter in the grand scheme of the show. They are the MacGuffin(s). They are the unimportant catalyst that set all of our characters, conflicts, and resolutions in motion. I would have loved to see a Rose and Bernard centric episode before “The End” but I suppose that is just not in the cards.

“Across the Sea” was the equivalent of Hans Gruber in Die Hard stopping for a half-hour towards the end of the film to tell us in a expositional fashion, why his life brought him to this moment in Nakotomi Plaza on Christmas Eve. He would go into the socio-economic climate in which he was raised. He might talk about the first girl to break his heart, high school embarrassments, college drug experimentation. The scene could go on and on, and would be entirely unnecessary, not unlike this episode…

Interviewed in 1966 by François Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock illustrated the term “MacGuffin” with this story[i]

It might be a Scottish name, taken from a story about two men in a train. One man says “What’s that package up there in the baggage rack?”, and the other answers “Oh that’s a McGuffin”. The first one asks “What’s a McGuffin?”. “Well”, the other man says, “It’s an apparatus for trapping lions in the Scottish Highlands”. The first man says “But there are no lions in the Scottish Highlands”, and the other one answers “Well, then that’s no McGuffin!”. So you see, a McGuffin is nothing at all.

A MacGuffin is a plot device that draws the audience in and often times makes them feel like they are a part of the story even as it initiates the forward momentum of the film or show or story.

From Wiki: “Sometimes, the specific nature of the MacGuffin is unimportant to the plot, and the MacGuffin can sometimes be ambiguous, completely undefined, generic or left open to interpretation.”

Examples of MacGuffins:

The Secret Government Plans in the 39 Steps

The briefcase in Pulp Fiction

The Maltese Falcon in The Maltese Falcon

It's an Automated Kitchen!

The Greatest Object in the universe in Time Bandits

The $40,000.00 Marion steals in Psycho

On the positive side, (because I do love this show)  I have to admit it was a fun episode. There were a few great moments that were really just the producers twisting the knife in an audience that are already writhing in anticipation of the looming END. The whole “Don’t ask anymore questions, as they’ll just lead to more questions” made me sort of “Yelp” with laughter. It was a great moment for the producers to slyly warn us that they will not be explaining everything. Which is fine by me.

Allison Janney as Jacob’s predecessor was fantastic. Her ability to emote with just a glance is amazing. I would go to a movie that had her and Morgan Freeman simply staring at each other for an hour and a half.

Story-wise, it was interesting that MIB became Smokey because of Jacob’s crime of passion.

Or did he?….

Smokey is a shape shifter. He/ it can become whoever he/ it wants. We saw MIB’s body. He was dead, and ‘Dead id Dead,’ right? Not really anymore though. I would like to offer one of my final theories before the end. Smokey is the island’s equivalent of Cerberus guarding the gates to Hades. Cerberus is bound to his post. He serves a purpose that is not complicated. He simply guards. When Jacob sent MIB’s body down the river into the light, a dying MIB touched Smokey. Smokey at that moment learned an unfortunate lesson. He/ It learned what it is to be human, and he/it liked it. Smokey embraced all of the pettiness that comes along with the free will of being a human. In addition, Smokey said to himself/ itself “Screw this job! I want off this island!” and that has been his focus ever since.

Before it is all over, the ghost of MIB will come to Hurley and tell him how to end it all, how to win, and how to fix what they have broken.

Thanks for reading!

And, don’t forget about the Lil’ Ben Contest! Tell me briefly how you think Lost will end and YOU can appear in a Lil’ Ben comic discussing your theory!

[i] Gottlieb, Sidney (2002). Framing Hitchcock: Selected essays from the Hitchcock annual. Detroit: Wayne State University Press. p. 48

Jumping forward a bit  (Lost does it, so why can’t I?) lets take a look at a possible future for Lil’ Ben…

As Always…  Please  click the image to see full sized

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Below are the additional chapters in Lil’ Ben’s Adventures so far:

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The following can only be considered Spoilers, if you did not watch Lost’s episode, “The Candidate” of 5.4.10. If you did not watch, please proceed directly to your couch, do not pass go and do not collect two hundred dollars, turn on your TV, fire up the DVR or On-Demand and watch immediately! Then you may come back here and we’ll talk.


That said… A reaction to “The Candidate” followed by with seven whys and wherefores.

Tuesday’s episode was nothing short of amazing. From beginning to end it was non-stop adventure. It is really feeling like “The Final Season.” The band was all back together again, even if it was for a very short time. There was none of that hurry-up-and-wait attitude that was plagued Lost for some time.

“Hmmmmm? Whattaya wanna do?” “I dunno. Let’s go back to the beach.”

The group finally said “enough is enough we are getting off this damn island.” With the determination of a shark they stormed the Ajira plane, only to find out it wasn’t safe to fly… That dirty rotten Widmore rigged it to blow! Okay, that’s fine. They know where the submarine is! With the same determination, they walk on to the sub, plant their castaway flag, and say, “This submarine is mine! Get me the hell off this island!”

Of course it is never as easy as that though.

Blam! Kate is shot!

Smokey takes a dip!

Sayid is blown to hell attempting to save the remaining castaways! DEAD!

Lapidus is crushed by a flying door. Assumed DEAD!

The remaining castaways find oxygen tanks and begin to swim through the tear in the sub.

But not all of them make it out alive. *Sniff sniff*

I’m Glad Jin did not leave. If he had left her after all he did to get back to her… To say the least, I would have been angry.

After all of this, the moment that really broke my heart was Hurley sobbing uncontrollably on the beach. That poor guy needs a hug.

This episode raises 7 issues for me

1. Dead is dead right? Are they all dead? Will the universe be reorganized to become the sideways universe, and will it course correct to re-insert living Jin, Sun, Lapidus, Boone, Shannon, Eko and Sayids? I don’t think dead really is dead anymore.

2. Smokey – Whose side is he really on? This seems to be at the point of a quintuple cross. If we can’t trust ANYTHING that he says, then I feel pretty manipulated. from a writing stand-point it’s almost annoyingly misleading. The only way to balance the story at this point is to have Jack outsmart the smoke monster, and re-trap him in an ash ring again.

3. Redemption – Is it enough for Sayid to commit one selfless act at the end? Will that make all of his ‘evil’ acts over the course of his life not matter anymore? I realize this is a little philosophical for TV, but so is this show sometimes.

4. Sentient Universes – In Lost, the universe is established to have a sort of grand design and/or intelligence to it. It corrects itself when something or someone is not adhering to the grand scheme of things. Example. Charlie was supposed to die at some point before drowning in the Looking Glass Station. Desmond assisted Charlie in repeatedly avoiding his rather gruesome fate(s). (The same way Desmond saved the entire universe over and over again by pressing the hatch button?…. more on that here) The universe wanted Charlie dead. He was no longer allowed to be a part of the game. This got me thinking. If the universe wanted Charlie dead, then what if the universe needed certain people alive that have died? One thing that has been eating at me about Lost is the first ten seconds of the pilot. Jack is deep in the jungle, lying on his back, and he gasps for air as his eyes snap open. How did Jack survive being thrown through the trees and landing that far from the plane? I would like to suggest, very simply, that he didn’t. Jack died in the crash of flight 815. He was dead in that very first shot, and what we saw was his resurrection. The sequence is very similar to Sayid’s resurrection in the temple. I suggest that in both cases, Jack and Sayid had not yet reached their ‘fate’ that the universe had in mind for them. And the Universe itself said “Oh crap! You’re not supposed to die yet! You still have lots of stuff to do!”

I know what you’re thinking, “MIB/Smokey/Flocke resurrected SAYID! He said he did!” Why would we at this point believe anything that MIB/Smokey/Flocke says? He has never been truthful to the castaways, the Others, or the audience. At this point we have to assume that everything Smokey says is a lie.

Eternity - The personification of the universe in Marvel Comics

5. The music box left to Claire in Christian Shepherd’s Last Will and Testament – is it the Lighthouse’s Magic Mirror/ Looking Glass of the Sideways universe? And, if it is, how much did Sideways Universe’s Christian know about everything that was going to happen, AND did that drive him to drink himself to death?! (A lot of ‘what ifs’ there)

6. One candidate will have to make a big decision soon, or maybe it will just be the last candidate standing who remains on the island with the smoke monster for the rest of his or her life, or a century, possibly a millenia? I still stand by my thoughts on Hurley’s fate. I believe he will take the place of Richard Alpert, and Richard will be released to join his wife in the afterlife.

7. More on Smokey – Nature or Nurture? Are villains created or born? Smokey has been trapped for a very long time. Of course he is going to be angry and willing to do whatever it takes to get off that island. He has been treated like a prisoner for, well, EVER. Was his evil brought on by his imprisonment or was he born that way? In the realm of comics villains and heroes switch sides constantly. Good and Evil often are not as polarized as John Locke would have you think while explaining backgammon to Walt on the beach. There are shades of gray to everything. Wolverine was a murderer when Charles Xavier brought him to the x-men. Charles saw the potential for good in him. Lex Luthor has stepped up time and again to save the world, but always reminding us that if Superman were not around he would be able to focus on doing ‘good’ by aiding mankind achieve greatness. Charles gave Wolverine the support he needed when he needed it by giving him a spot on the x-men. There was still hope for him. I bet nobody ever offered Smokey support or even a hug. He is the child locked away in the basement (or island) like in a Clive Barker story.  He was made the monster that he is today by those that locked him away. That  rhymed, so I’ll end with that today.

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